Lighthouse compensation survey report help participants to design and manage strategically focused rewards structure that would help them in the attraction and retention of talent


The Lighthouse Compensation Survey 2009 is follow up to the extremely successful survey held in 2006, covering all major corporate sectors in the Sultanate of Oman. By establishing a benchmark for organisations to set up highly competitive and effective compensation structure, strategy and systems, the survey will give a more professional approach to compensation, rewards and performance management in Oman.

The Lighthouse Compensation Survey 2009 is a multi-industry survey which aims to compile accurate compensation details across major organisations in Oman’s oil & gas, telecom, automotive, retail, banking, finance, FMCG, trading and industrial sectors. The survey profiles over 1000 benchmark positions from over 100 organisations to generate comprehensive reports.

Along with the ability to query, select and filter results by position, geographic location, industry and/or company size, the salary survey results include a comprehensive set of descriptive statistics, compensation analysis tools and salary trends.

Data will be collected from participating organisations from December 2009 through to March 2010. Findings of the survey will be unveiled to the leaders of corporate Oman in June 2010 that will help organisations design and implement effective, competitive compensation programmes for their people. Undoubtedly, a win-win situation for both parties.

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