Systems & Technology

Due to the dynamic nature of business, organisations cannot stay the way they are. Managing change is a challenge by itself.
The demand for high level professionals who are up to date with the best industry practices, business process optimisation and latest system technologies are at an all time high. These professionals often referred to as consultants are the ones who can find a solution that is best suited to your business needs and will deliver long-term benefits for competitive advantage.

The Lighthouse team thus brings in the knowledge, experience and adequate expertise to help your organisation in implementing effective HR systems and technologies to cater to your business requirements.

Services under Systems & Technology can be divided into 2 broad sections:


Organisation Restructure :
With the right expertise, experience, and exposure, our pool of talented consultants work closely within the client’s organisation. From understanding their strategic vision through to successful delivery of the project and post implementation support helping the client realise their full potential in managing the change with effective, efficient and smooth implementation. This helps in ensuring the facilitation of clear and open communication that can enable organisational learning and clarify accountability for results and stay up to date with the competition in their respective business domain in order to:

  • Eliminate or enhance parts of the organisation that are significantly over or under staffed
  • Standardise organisational communications and see to it that technology is creating changes in business workflow processes thereby increasing workforce productivity
  • Recommend appropriate staffing levels and reduce personnel turnover

HR systems design :
The Lighthouse consultants believe in working together with our client to identify the best HR systems and technologies that cater for the business requirements allowing the organisation to Automate, Integrate, Standardise, Adopt and Implement world class HR Practices and Processes in a manner that:

  • Establishes critical links of learning initiatives to HR-processes resulting in High Commitment / High Performance from the employees
  • Implement Personal Development Planning and enhancing Performance Management Systems
  • Align rewards and recognition with regulated personnel management
  • Replicate Head office policies and procedures throughout the organisational network

Policies and procedures :
We at the Lighthouse encourage policies that promote mutuality - mutual goals, mutual influence, mutual respect, mutual rewards and mutual responsibilities that will elicit commitment yielding both better employee performance and greater human resource development.
Our team brings in strong expertise in designing HR policies and procedures specific to law of the land. The Lighthouse team will ensure that:

  • HR policies are aligned with business policies and corporate strategy
  • Interlinking of HR policies, procedures and systems with one another
  • Increasing line management responsibility to HR policies thereby building greater employee commitment to the organisation

Job Descriptions :
Our consultants conduct one to one interviews with the existing personnel manning the position and understand their general tasks or functions being carried out by them to formulate their Job description which will result in a thought process that helps determine how critical the job is and how this particular job relates to others in the company and/or industry and also identify the characteristics needed by a new employee filling the role. For new positions, our vastly experienced consultants are capable to design jobs outlining the necessary skills, training and education needed by a potential employee along with the primary duties and responsibilities of the job. The following are the common criteria’s we look into whilst designing a job, however we will customise the areas to be included into job designing as per the client request:

  • Organisational Context
  • Reporting Structure & Hierarchy
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Interactions
  • Special skills required
  • Physical location and surroundings

Process Mapping :
Identifying areas of duplication within the current processes and systems present in the organisation, eliminate timeous processes and reduce overall costs and utilisation of resources in order to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness within operational departments forms the base for conducting process mapping. The Lighthouse consultants will undertake a diagnostic study to understand and gain knowledge of the organisation in order to identify, review and design process maps as follows:

  • Conduct ‘As-Is’ Process Mapping of all key business processes with detailed standard operating procedures
  • Establish manning levels at all departments covering the identified processes
  • Establish process cycle time for all identified business processes
  • Identify current and potential bottleneck areas along with the process duplications
  • Identify key process gaps and process overlaps and conduct document flow analysis, activity analysis using best practice tools
  • Conduct Fit Cost Value analysis for all processes to identify potential cost savings
  • Develop ‘To-Be’ processes addressing all process bottlenecks, duplications and gaps with detailed standard operating procedures
  • Identify optimum manpower levels for all functions and identify gaps in terms of manpower requirements
  • Design and establish key process effectiveness measurement matrix to enhance continuous improvement
  • Identify areas for automation if any and recommend accordingly
  • Identify and recommend suitable modifications to the organisation structure to enhance process flow between functions

Lean Management techniques :
Organisations staggering from one initiative to the next always find it hard to deliver the planned results over the period of the planned time. This results in loss of cost, time and effort with little real improvements. The Lighthouse team will work with the client to identify and eliminate the waste to deliver improved value and service based on identified customer requirements either by improving existing processes or creating new processes
The Lighthouse consultants play a supportive role acting as a catalyst for business process change. Before we begin any HR initiative, we will consider business impact and how to measure it. We want to develop an understanding of the correlation between engagement, customer satisfaction and business results in order to bring in triumphant lean management techniques.

HR Outsourcing :
Whether your company decides to delegate one or more business processes or full management of your HR services, The Lighthouse team brings in an abundance of expertise in assisting you to change the way your HR functions. We will partner with you to manage and administer the selected processes based on defined and agreed measurable performance metric benefiting from:

  • Reduced cost & increased efficiency
  • Access to improved HR systems without capital outlay
  • Increased flexibility and speed of response to HR problems
  • Reduced risk as it is possible to scale up and down more efficiently
  • Internal HR resources can operate more strategically


HRMS Project Management :

We will help you in choosing the right technology and/or product customised to cater the needs of your business and can identify and negotiate with third parties to help you in getting the right HRMS software. We will assist you in all of the 3 critical pre-award stages namely; drafting the RFP, tender evaluation and vendor selection process. Upon award of contract along with your core project team, we will manage the entire HRMS implementation from start to finish through agile, interactive, incremental, and phased approach in analysing and devising plans and tracking project milestones to achieve project goals and objectives while honouring the project constraints (scope, time and budget) in order to ensure On Time Product Delivery.

HR Software :

Our in-house software customised to provide solutions for specific HR needs of your business helps all Human Capital Management functions within your company to align with the business objectives and nurture performance culture in order to enhance commitment of Human Capital towards successful accomplishment of business goals.

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