Talent Development

Employees are increasingly being recognised as one of the most important and influential assets of an organisation, and without the right development strategies in place these assets may not remain in place for long. The war for talent within and across industries means that unless you are proactively aiding in the development of your employees there is the very real risk of them leaving to join a competitor.

The Lighthouse has extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing Talent Development Initiatives that reduce staff turnover and improve your ability to hold into key positions within the organisation.

Talent Development can be divided into 3 broad sections:


The first stage in any assessment initiative is understanding what competencies are required within the organisation, from corporate competencies through to departmental/team and finally individual competencies. Based on our Competency Library of over 200 competencies we will develop a customised framework for your organisation, and in line with your vision and mission.

Once the framework for the organisation has been developed the current competency levels need to be assessed and those take place through a professionally managed Assessment Centre, comprising of a number of assessments and tests that are applicable to the needs of the organisation.

In addition to competencies, attitude, cognitive ability and personality are all important features of a successful employee and measuring these in a psychometric assessment can help you to gauge if an employee needs personal development in any particular area.


Organisations cannot afford to have lengthy lag times between placements, especially for senior or key positions. As such there needs to be a well-planned succession plan that outlines procedures and possible replacements for employees.

Employees are more likely to be retained in an organisation where they are aware of a clear career development plan that will allow them to grow in their skills and position.

An organisation has to take responsibility for developing its employees in line with the overall strategic needs, as such there needs to be a personal development plan for employees outlining what training may be required over the short to medium term career of the employee.


Identifying a skills shortage or an area for development in an employee is the first step, after that the organisation needs to determine what training initiatives and programs should be implemented over the employees career.

The Lighthouse will design, develop and implement your training programs to ensure the maximum return on your investment in training and development.