Human Capital-4.0 Enablers

Intelligent technologies are subverting the skill mix, the nature of the work is envolving quickly and will only accelerate as brains and bots increasingly collaborate with each other. Lighthouse provides the worlds best products to support your business.

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is blurring the lines between people and technology, fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds.
  • The impact of those changes on the way people work and businesses produce value will span all industries, economies and societies and redefine the future of work. Businesses and governments will need to adapt to these changes and support the workforce transition at the same time.
  • If managed well, the future of work may be one where many more people are able to fulfil their full potential.
  • As businesses seek more holistic strategies to prepare for the future of work, CEOs are turning increasingly to the human resources function to evolve rapidly and adapt to the changing demands.
  • HR professionals are finding themselves at the front line of helping their organizations and leaders to drive technology absorption, foster innovation, enable new work models and, ultimately, attract, retain and develop the workforce of the future.
  • We at Lighthouse provide a comprehensive strategy for companies to transform and adopt HC – 4.0 to gain competitive advantage The war for talent in the future will be all about Brains and Bots.

Planning Tools

What Does it do : Provides a snapshot of the maturity of People Practices of your Organization
Why It is Important :

  • Delivers Instant Overview of the maturity levels of HR practices
  • Covers 20 components that forms the entire spectrum of people management practices
  • Discovers your HR strengths and development areas instantly
  • Provides insights on what each practice area means for Business Performance
  • Can be used as a precursor for foundation for HR transformation

What Does it do : Toll that does a deep dive to P3 assessments and provides in-depth assessment to help you plan action around deepening and broadening HR capability and effectiveness to support business agenda
Why It is Important :

  • Covers the entire spectrum of HCM practice in 5 dimensions and 20 components
  • Pinpoints how your HCM practice supports your business and gaps thereof
  • Measures the extent to which the capability of your HCM and the effectiveness of its practice supports business performance
  • Report includes an action focused score card to immediately get you on your way to implementation

What Does it do : Provides an in-depth analysis of company’s existing culture across 6 dimensions and preferred culture, gap analysis and steps to be taken to mend cultural fabric of the company .
Why It is Important : To make sense of -

  • The collective profile with current and preferred culture and an explanation
  • An analysis of the discrepancy between current and preferred culture
  • The culture profile, broken down into the six key aspects of culture:
    Dominant characteristics
    Organizational leadership
    Management of employees
    Organization glue
    Strategic emphases
    Criteria of success
  • An indication of congruence: Are these six aspects aligned or not? Incongruence can cause confusion or conflicts and may cost you time, money, and energy. Recommendations to move to the preferred culture.

What Does it do : Automatic JD writer based on job families, sub job families and organization hierarchy. .
Why It is Important :

  • Role clarity
  • Job Evaluation
  • KPIs design
  • Competency mapping & Job Competency profiling
  • Career and succession planning

What Does it do : Plans and forecast manpower based on organization requirements and skills profiles.
Why It is Important :

  • Use annual operating plan to arrive at affordable employee cost.
  • Simulate design principles to arrive at required headcount and cost.
  • Reconcile plans with on boarded employees to know vacancies and unused budget

What Does it do : Reviews a parity of pay of hired staff with that of the rest of the workforce, develops grades based on JE scores and benchmarks salary.
Why It is Important :

  • Develop grades and pay ranges
  • Compensation parity for hired candidate with organization role.
  • Compliances assurance for salary structure as per law of the land.
  • Controlled environment for offer approvals and salary budgets

Talent Acquisition Tools

What Does it do :

  • An Interactive HR Market place platform
  • Provides a platform of free lancers / gig workers across the world to be hired to carry out specific job
  • A platform to sell HR technology tools and services

Why It is Important :
  • Availability of skills - To hire the best in the world to work with your team virtually
  • Access HR expertise, tech and non-tech products in the market
  • AI based engine does the matchmaking and goes easy on your pocket – saves cost

What Does it do :

  • Wide array of tests that, provides insights into cognitive ability and indicates the potential of a candidate to excel in a position or career
  • Includes world renowned tests – Belbin, Hogan, MBTI etc.
  • Inbuilt test builder that can assist you to develop your own tests based on your competency (technical and behavioural) framework

Why It is Important :
  • Better selection of talent
  • Assessment reports – ranking and stacking based on potential of the candidate
  • Streamline the recruitment process and reveal top applicants efficiently
  • Confidently siphon the top 5–10% of candidates, who have displayed that they possess key transferable skills
  • Speeds up the recruitment process, providing a logical candidate shortlist of manageable length and reducing HR costs
  • The testing of accuracy under pressure gives an indication as to how the candidate will cope in a demanding everyday role.

What Does it do :

  • Deep candidate profiling and ranking technology
  • Applicant Tracking System uses powerful ranking algorithms to deliver a shortlist based on qualification indicators
  • Candidate profiles are standardised and presented by order of relevance, so you can compare them easily. 

Why It is Important :
  • Huge savings on time and cost
  • Ease of use and provides reports instantly
  • Improve candidate screening if coupled with psychometric tools
  • Enhance profile ranking
  • Leverage on exclusion factors – years of service, driving license requirements or any other with ease.
  • Drive productivity amongst your hiring team

Talent Management Tools

What Does it do :

  • Brings corporate learning and development – Online
  • AI based, world’s no. 1 LMS
  • Supports classroom based training, e learning, blended learning
  • Provides state of the art reports and visualization
  • Gamification & Leadership board
  • Competency framework based learning channels for developing inhouse talent

Why It is Important :
  • Cost effective tool to promote learning culture
  • Empower employees to build skills, advance their careers and pursue their dreams through one powerful platform
  • Streamline onboarding, skill-building, career development and continuous learning
  • Engage and delight employees through an AI powered learning engine
  • Harness the power of 360-degree skill-building
  • Track employee progress as they learn day-to-day skills in the same platform that enables them to pursue lessons to advance their careers and stand out among their fellow employees

What Does it do :

  • Unlock Your Mid-Level Leadership Potential with virtual executive coaching for your millennial leaders.
  • Provide Functional Coaching from leading experts across the globe
  • Customize mentoring and coaching process to harness knowledge dissemination
  • Helps develop National talent

Why It is Important :
  • Assess and align coaching with the Company goals
  • Helps employees with rapid assessment and coach pairing
  • Employees meet/e-meet with the coaches
  • Track your employee progress and measure outcomes
  • Enhances the Functional understanding from experienced coaches
  • Achieve Nationalization Targets effectively

What Does it do : Premier executive courses and education from world’s best colleges and universities to enhance employee careers through providing

  • Short courses
  • Degree courses
  • Post graduate diplomas
  • Post graduate degree
CPD programs on niche skills:
  • Digitization
  • Treasury Management
  • Many others

Why It is Important :
  • Helps to enhance learning gaps
  • Tie-up with premier educational institutions like eCornell, IIMs, Hult Ashridge
  • Covers executive education and Certification programs online
  • Can be used as a retention tool by providing subsidized education to employees

What Does it do :

  • Lighthouse retails the worlds largest curated eLearning library from the world’s top training providers
  • Available for a single subscription within your existing learning platform, or available on ours.
  • Easy integration to your LMS
  • Identify right training courses to upskill, re-train, and retain your employees.

Why It is Important :
  • Cost effective tool to promote learning culture
  • Empower employees to build skills, advance their careers and pursue their dreams through one powerful platform
  • Streamline onboarding, skill-building, career development and continuous learning
  • Harness the power of 360-degree skill-building
  • Achieve Nationalization Targets effectively

Talent Engagement Tools

What Does it do : Conducts wide variety of employee surveys

  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Pulse Survey
  • Employee NPS Survey

Why It is Important :
  • Deep dive into employee engagement levels
  • Slices and dice data by organization, subsidiaries, functions, teams, sections etc.
  • Develop action plans across multipole themes to address engagement and satisfaction levels
  • Benchmark data with best in class companies to compare and contrast results

What Does it do : HR Toolkits- Professionally written, cost effective & downloadable
Why It is Important :

  • Job descriptions library
  • KPIs Library
  • HR Polices and procedures
  • Competency frameworks
  • Technical competencies for more than 10 sectors
  • Off the shelf reports and MIS templates
  • Presentations and journals

What Does it do :

  • AI powered tool, that measures happiness at work in a new and better way.
  • It is a tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that influence happiness at work

Why It is Important :
  • Helps your employees track their happiness based on their results and relationships with their colleagues at work.
  • It also gives immediate feedback and operational information for everyone in the ecosystem and it improves the decision-making process and outcomes based on real-time analysis.
  • To bring the entire ecosystem together, from employees, through HR office to line managers

What Does it do : Find a mentor, share knowledge with others, network with relevant professionals, set goals, discover events.
Why It is Important :

  • The Platform to Take Your Career Forward
  • Find a mentor, support others, set your goals, network, discover opportunities and level-up.
  • Platform has thousands of professionals signed up and volunteering to help individuals with mentoring in a wide range of industries

Talent Sustenance Tools

What Does it do : Lean Six Sigma Online Programs with Project mentoring and Certification

  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Blet
  • Black Belt

Why It is Important :
  • Lean Six Sigma can help your business to maximizing process speed, reducing the cost of complexity, removing extra steps and non-value added activities in service realization processes.
  • Increasing bottom line and customer satisfaction by concentrating on “value added activities” and eliminating root causes of non-value-add activities

What Does it do :

  • Helps you discover the Power of Continuous Employee Performance and Engagement
  • Streamlines goal setting and performance management system

Why It is Important :
  • Drive High Performance with Smart Goal Management
  • Track, Measure And Manage Employee Goals
  • Set SMART goals to build smarter workforce
  • Make your workforce agile with OKRs
  • Support for Matrix hierarchy
  • Link Goals (Cascade Up) to achieve aligned workforce
  • Managers become Coaches through Continuous check-ins on Goals
  • Manage goals on the go
  • Actionable Analytics & Reports to drive growth

What Does it do : Offers curated work force experience “Hire to Retire” with cheaper, faster and better HR Technology enabling it with speed, agility and responsiveness
Why It is Important : Manage HR Transactions seamlessly and cost effectively:

  • Core HR
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Payroll management
  • Leave Management
  • Shift Management
  • Recruitment management
  • Task Management
  • Device Management
  • Performance Management
  • Exit management